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For the best in Concrete Cutting & Coring whether it is a large or small job, call VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions. Our reputations can be backed by any of our previous customers, and as we all know a satisfied customer is the finest recommendation available. For quick, efficient and priced right quotes call us anytime! We can saw through any depth, core up to any size and have no limits with our Wire saw as to what we can do for you.

Below is a list of some distinctive projects we provided services for:
  • All State Colleges & University
  • Dartmouth Hospital
  • Burlington International Airport
  • Fletcher Allen Hospital
  • Stryker Bio Tec
  • IBM
  • Husky
  • I-89 Concrete Barriers
  • Rock Tenn Dam
  • Various Bridge Decks around the Tri State area



Cutting  - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Trench Cut - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Wall sawing- Wall sawing through reinforced concrete, precast, brick and other structural stone materials.

Typical applications include Doors, Windows, Hatchways, Egress Openings, Walk through; any place where precision cuts are needed for renovations.

Slab Sawing-Diesel, Electric or Hydraulic saw which cuts through reinforced concrete, asphalt, precast and either structural stone material that is either on grade or suspended for trenching, floor drains, & removal.



Coring - Round holes drilled into reinforced concrete and any other structural stone material. We have a complete range of sizes of 1" up to 48" including some sizes.

Holes are cored for electrical, plumbing, heating, sewer, sprinklers, industrial, decorative, etc.
Concrete Coring - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT



Over the years, our customers have been requesting more full service concrete demolition. We do provide concrete removal as an additional service for anyone.

We have a large number of tools that allow us to effectively remove, handle, and dispose of concrete walls, patios and floors.

If full disposal after a concrete demolition job is required, we will coordinate dumpster deliveries and disposal. If you have a problem, let us help.

Please give us a call to discuss your concrete demolition project 802-476-6666.
Floor Demolition - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT



Sidewalk Grinding  - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Grinding concrete is what we can do to eliminate trip hazzards, place grooves so the surface is not so slippery or prep the surface area for epoxy or stain work. The overall achievement in grinding your surface area is to have the area last a long time, and be easy to maintain with an attractive up to date look.


Wire Sawing

When conventional cutting methods are impractical wire sawing is a perfect solution!

VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions offers the newest technique in concrete cutting allowing the cutting of walls and slabs of unlimited thickness. The wire sawing system uses a series of guide pulleys to draw a continuous loop of diamond impregnated wire through concrete. Wire saw systems are quite flexible in the field and can be arranged to accommodate limited access or confined areas while cutting vertically, horizontally, or on an angle. Wire sawing is cost effective for cutting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as bridge sections, machine bases, and piers.
Wiresaw - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT

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