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Basement Waterproofing, Crack Repair, Crawlspace Encapsulation and more!

Your family's health, safety and property investment is important to you, and we at VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions know that!

As a family owned and operated business since 1989, if you have a concrete problem~ we've got the solution, to your home or business. If you have any concrete troubles, wet basement problems, crawlspaces, cracks or moisture control, as well as concrete cutting and coring needs, we can help. When a basement or crawl space is not maintained not only do you run the risk of water damage and flooding, those in the space whether family or employees health can suffer.

VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions provides fast and professional service in a safe and economic manner to help improve the overall quality of your home and business.

We have been servicing all of VT, NH, and Eastern NY since 1989 providing any concrete cutting, coring, and grinding needs, and now we offer Concrete Solutions, a division specializing in all things basement from basement water proofing, sump pump installations, egress openings, resurfacing, crack repairs, crawl spaces and moisture control. VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions is responsive, professional, and does what most others don't want to do for you! We invite you to be proactive and call us today for a free evaluation and estimate.


Crack Repair:

Cracks in the building substance are structurally weak points. Additionally, penetrating water may cause damage and may reduce the usage and lifetime of the building. An elastic sealing or structural-bonding of the crack is required. In order to achieve this, the crack is filled over its entire course with a polyurethane injection resin via pressure injection. The injection resins which are applied can also be used in drinking water environments.

We have the standard material for waterproofing cracks. The material forms a foam when it comes in contact with water and stops it by reacting with the water or displacing it. A second injection using the same material permanently and elastically waterproofs the crack.
Crack on the Wall - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Crack on the wall - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT


Crawl Spaces

Damp crawl spaces are a great breeding ground for mold and mildew. Soil inside the crawl space can produce high humidity and odors. These can spread quickly throughout your home. Crawl spaces present a great problem to homeowners causing allergic reactions to the molds and bacteria. Crawl spaces give an easy entrance to access of the upper levels for rodents and insects. With our Crawl space and Wall Vapor Barrier we will eliminate these issues.

We offer a complete line of vapor barriers including 3 fire-retardant barriers and an antimicrobial barrier to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold. The vapor barriers range from 6 mil to 20 mil totaling 9 vapor barriers to fit any job or budget.

There is a warranty for our vapor barrier systems of 15 years. Please contact us for more details.

Also see our Dehumidifier page to help with moisture control and musty odors.
Crawl Spaces - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT

Resurfacing and Polishing

Resurfacing is a great way to make old concrete look like new again. As concrete ages and deteriorates resulting in discolored, cracked stained weak surfaces, caused by weather, wear, and earth movement. Nothing you can prevent, but you can stabilize. If its possible to improve it then don't remove it. We use a stong, fast setting repair product. It is not affected by salts or freeze/thaw conditions and can be returned to traffic in an our. We can repair deep holes, feather-edge or use as an overlay.
Grinding & Resurfacing 1 - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Finished  - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Grinding & Resurfacing 2 - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Another floor option is Concrete Polishing, it is lower maintenance, easy to clean and has a longer life. There is no lifting of product, peeling or flaking. When the job is done you can put it to immediate use and will not have to wait. Polishing inhibits water, oil and more from penetrating the surface.


Basement Waterproofing serving Rutland and St. Albans area


Vermont's original basement waterproofing professionals!

We can turn a damp, unhealthy basement into a waterproof clean dry space or a basement room for family use.

Wet or damp basement? Wet basements can cause damage to your home and cause health hazards that may be associated with mold and mildew. Waterproofing your basement will increase the value of your home or properties and add usable space.

We offer three basement waterproofing drainage systems along with three pump options: All of our waterproofing systems will drain into one of our specially designed sump pumps to help keep your wet basement waterproof and dry:
Simple Stuff Sump Pump - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Simple Stuff Sump Pump:
One a/c pump that can approximatley pump 2,700 gallons an hour
Double Stuff Sump Pump - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Double Stuff Sump Pump:
Two a/c pump that can pump approximately 6,000 gallons an hour when both are working. If one pump ... Read more
Triple Stuff Sump Pump - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Triple Stuff Sump Pump:
Two a/c pumps and one battery back up. Again pumps approximately 6,000 gallons an hour when both ... Read more
All Sump Pumps have a check valve, a liner, a lid, a floor drain and a high water alarm.
We offer maintenance on all sump pumps and waterproof systems installed by any company.

There is a lifetime warranty for all perimeter systems installed, and will be transferred to new homeowners.
Footer Drainage - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Footer Drainage-(Drain Main)- designed to sit on top of the footer and above the dirt line
Subfloor Drainage - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Subfloor Drainage-(Flat Track)-designed to sit beside the footer
Above Floor Drainage - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Above Floor Drainage-(X-Tract)-used with monolithic floors



Dehumidifier 1 - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Dehumidifier 2 - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Purchase one our dehumidifiers to control moisture, humidity and reduce musty odors. When we install them for you, we can either set them up to drain or pump the water outside for you.

The Crawlspace dehumidifier is low clearance and can remove up to 90 pints of water per day. Designed for about 2200 sq ft.

The Classic dehumidifier removes up to 110 pints per day and covers about 2500 sq ft.

Both Dehumidifiers are energy star rated.


Window Replacement ~ Egress Openings ~ Bulkheads

Windows in your basement can be an asset to your home, it allows natural light into the basement and makes for nice liveable space in your home. We can replace and enlarge the existing ones or place new openings- the possibilities are numerous.

The Scapewel's and Stackwel's have a window, and a window well system with a clear cover to keep water and debris out. The structure is constructed of materials that will not rust, rot or need replacing.

A larger access to your basement would be a bulkhead.

No matter what you decide to have installed, we will do the whole system for you, from start to finish, no need to coordinate all the subs to get it done. We will begin by digging out the area, cutting the concrete, and install whatever your choice may be.

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VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions Commercial Services

For the best in Concrete Cutting & Coring whether it is a large or small job, call VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions. Our reputations can be backed by any of our previous customers, and as we all know a satisfied customer is the finest recommendation available. For quick, efficient and priced right quotes call us anytime! We can saw through any depth, core up to any size and have no limits with our Wire saw as to what we can do for you.

Below is a list of some distinctive projects we provided services for:
  • All State Colleges & University
  • Dartmouth Hospital
  • Burlington International Airport
  • Fletcher Allen Hospital
  • Stryker Bio Tec
  • IBM
  • Husky
  • I-89 Concrete Barriers
  • Rock Tenn Dam
  • Various Bridge Decks around the Tri State area



Cutting  - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Trench Cut - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Wall sawing- Wall sawing through reinforced concrete, precast, brick and other structural stone materials.

Typical applications include Doors, Windows, Hatchways, Egress Openings, Walk through; any place where precision cuts are needed for renovations.

Slab Sawing-Diesel, Electric or Hydraulic saw which cuts through reinforced concrete, asphalt, precast and either structural stone material that is either on grade or suspended for trenching, floor drains, & removal.



Coring - Round holes drilled into reinforced concrete and any other structural stone material. We have a complete range of sizes of 1" up to 48" including some sizes.

Holes are cored for electrical, plumbing, heating, sewer, sprinklers, industrial, decorative, etc.
Concrete Coring - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT



Over the years, our customers have been requesting more full service concrete demolition. We do provide concrete removal as an additional service for anyone.

We have a large number of tools that allow us to effectively remove, handle, and dispose of concrete walls, patios and floors.

If full disposal after a concrete demolition job is required, we will coordinate dumpster deliveries and disposal. If you have a problem, let us help.

Please give us a call to discuss your concrete demolition project 802-476-6666.
Floor Demolition - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT



Sidewalk Grinding  - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT
Grinding concrete is what we can do to eliminate trip hazzards, place grooves so the surface is not so slippery or prep the surface area for epoxy or stain work. The overall achievement in grinding your surface area is to have the area last a long time, and be easy to maintain with an attractive up to date look.


Wire Sawing

When conventional cutting methods are impractical wire sawing is a perfect solution!

VT Concrete Cutting & Concrete Solutions offers the newest technique in concrete cutting allowing the cutting of walls and slabs of unlimited thickness. The wire sawing system uses a series of guide pulleys to draw a continuous loop of diamond impregnated wire through concrete. Wire saw systems are quite flexible in the field and can be arranged to accommodate limited access or confined areas while cutting vertically, horizontally, or on an angle. Wire sawing is cost effective for cutting large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as bridge sections, machine bases, and piers.
Wiresaw - Vermont Concrete Cutting in Barre, VT

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